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World Lens for iPhone goes all Star Trek (almost)

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A new free app for the iPhone and iPod touch brings instant non-universal translation to English speakers struggling to read Spanish and vice versa. World Lens instantly translates Spanish/English text using the iDevice's camera and re-projects the text on screen as translated. 

This could be useful to English speakers seeking to venture into restaurants in northern Manhattan with Spanish only menus. It could also help Spanish-only speakers read practically everything, everywhere, in the United States. 

The app can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store

McDonald's and Enron Meet For Seafood On Amsterdam

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This is the type of thing that may have already made the rounds in the northern Manhattan blogosphere, so apologies if it's "old" .... Still, one must pause at the sight of Metro's Seafood & Grill (located on 166th and Amsterdam). The logo looks to be composed of blue McDonald's arches and the Enron "E" logo:


Odd logo aside, whatever they're doing may be working... they've got a few good reviews on Menu Pages.

Boba's Tree Bawk

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Boba_228x200.JPGCows, seals... and chickens? Apparently all will moo, clap and peck through our urban wild at some point.

And earlier this year it appears a chicken, bobbing its way through Fort Tryon Park, was rescued by two smart girls who took it upon themselves to catch the bird, accurately estimating that it should probably cluck along elsewhere.

"...Two young sisters discovered - a hen nesting under a bush - while walking their family's pair of rescued racing greyhounds around the park in late February. The lost bird was likely an escapee from one of the city's live markets, where chickens and other "food" birds are sold from storefronts and slaughtered on the spot. Holly, 15, and Emma, 12, probably saved the indigent hen's life by carrying her home, because a severe snowstorm struck the area that night."

The chicken, dubbed "Boba" by Holly and Emma, is now at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.

Of course, things don't always end well for chickens who make their way into the park. Boba, however, is hopefully happy and having non-sky-falling thoughts up in Watkins Glen.

image and story via Farm Sanctuary

Passover Coke Now In Bodegas

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redcapyellowcap.jpgIt's that time of year.

If you're a soda drinker (celebrating Passover, or not) look for Coca-Cola bottles with yellow caps. The yellow cap means it's the real thing... it has actual sugar in it as opposed to fructose. These usually go fast, so stock up while you can. Doing a blind taste test between a red-capped Coke bottle and a yellow-capped one will be an eye opener for anyone who hasn't done so in the past.

If you miss out, fear not, Coca-Cola bottles imported from Mexico can be found in various stores and restaurants throughout the year, and like Passover Coke are filled with sucrose.

And if you are celebrating Passover next week, happy holidays.

(Image via BenFrantzDale on Flickr)

Free Inwood Coffee Tasting Tomorrow (January 8th)

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indian_road_cafe_logo.jpgTomorrow the Indian Road Café will be holding a coffee tasting event hosted by Counter Culture Coffee. The tasting begins at 4pm and is aimed at getting the community's opinions in selecting new brews. The café is located on 218th street and Indian Road.

For more information visit the Indian Road Café's website.