Primary Results Merged with Ballot Translations of Candidate Names in Chinese

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The ballots in Thursday's state primaries included Chinese as one of the languages for candidate names in the 71st Assembly District. 

Here's how each candidate did, names via Google Translate: 

州參議員 / State Senator

艾德里安諾 艾斯貝萊特 / Adrian Promise Ice Bailette: 10,623 (61.82%) Winner

蓋樂莫 林奈芮斯 / The cover music Mok Linnairuisi: 6,562

遺囑檢驗法官 / Probate judge

麗塔麥拉 / Rita Mylar: 26,223 (59.74%) Winner

芭芭拉 翟富 / Barbara Zhai rich: 17,671 (40.26%)

Our Chinese speaking readers are encouraged to comment with more accurate translations. 

Other (English) Results from the 72nd AD

Unfortunately there were no Chinese translations on the 72nd Assembly District ballots. The above are just from the 71st and the others would have given us 33 additional names to translate. 

The key race in the 72nd, other than the above two, was the state assembly race:

Melanie Hidalgo: 1,039 (15.45%)

Gabriela Rosa: 2,946 (43.81%) Winner

Ruben D. Vargas: 435 (6.47%)

Mayra S. Linares: 2,305 (34.28%)

The Uptown Current endorsed Gabirela Rosa in her first attempt against a Linares in 2010, when she faced Mayra's father, Guillermo. 

Additionally we donated what we could to her campaign this time around. Her opponent Mayra S. Linares, who gave up a job with the Cuomo administration to run for Assembly, was able to outspend Gabriela big time. Mayra received many donations from landlords, though Gabriela's grassroots campaign prevailed.

Judicial Delegates

These are the winning judicial delegates for the 72nd, highest to lowest in vote count (8 total):

Evelyn Linares

Albania Lopez

Mark Levine

Carmen M. De La Rosa

Yokarina Duarte

Fernando A. Batista

Rolando Cespedes

Judith Amaro

And these are the alternates: 

Martha Rodriguez

Maria L. Morillo

Xiomara Garcia

Oneida Lopez

Elizabeth Pepin

Judith Cruz

Michael Ortiz

Jose Cepeda

Good of everyone to get out and vote, and all eyes forward to November 6th!

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