June 26th Congressional Primary Endorsement: Adriano Espaillat

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On Tuesday we have a very simple decision to make. 

Vote for Adriano Espaillat, who has furthered the beliefs and hopes of Washington Heights & Inwood Democrats with every action he has taken in Albany. Or re-elect damaged goods.

It was an easy decision; The Uptown Current is endorsing Adriano Espaillat to represent New York's 13th District in congress. The primary date is this coming Tuesday, June 26th. 

Adriano Espaillat

We endorse state senator Espaillat for congress because he has been a leading voice on several issues that our readers and neighbors care deeply about:

  • Mr. Espaillat has supported a complete ban of hydrofracking in New York State. 
  • He was a key vote in the marriage equality legislation that passed last year. 
  • He is also a leader in moving forward New York state's Dream Act legislation.
  • Mr. Espaillat has been one of the most influential advocates on immigrant rights and tenants' rights concerns in the state senate. 
  • And, though it should be taken for granted, he is a progressive Democrat who would never caucus with the IDC or rouge Democrats who take money from Republicans. We believe he will take our fight to Washington Republicans and the Tea Party, and hit them hard on issues that concern northern Manhattan and Bronx residents.
These are just several reasons why we believe he is the best candidate to take our agenda to a national level.

Additional Comments on the Candidates

Charles Rangel

We chose not to support Charles Rangel for reasons that should be obvious to most readers. That is not to say that Congressperson Rangel hasn't done great things for our community, and the entire country, during his time in office. We simply believe his ability to continue doing so has been significantly diminished in recent years.  

Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson challenged Charles Rangel in 2010, and won the New York Times endorsement in the process. A former District Leader, Ms. Johnson is both a formidable candidate and an amazing woman, and she is the candidate that impressed us most when it came to bringing women's rights to the forefront of the conversation. That said, Adriano Espaillat also has a very strong record on women's rights, and is a leading supporter of the Reproductive Health Act in New York. This bill would protect the rights of a woman and her doctor.

Clyde Williams

A recent resident of New York, Mr. Williams does not provide an effective platform that would serve the Bronx and northern Manhattan. Several months ago The Uptown Current had lunch with Mr. Williams. We discussed with him some of the key issues that residents of this area consider crucial: affordable housing, immigrant rights and education. He generally took a defensive approach and did not seem to understand our concerns. 

Additionally Mr. Williams turned to The Uptown Current to try and make contacts within the community to boost his campaign efforts, as he was unfamiliar with the area. We declined to assist because the core of his campaign seemed to rely on nothing more than a resume, detailing 10-15 year old accomplishments. 

Craig Schley 

Mr. Schley has a platform that addresses many of the issues that impact northern Manhattan. Affordable housing, education, job creation and small business growth. He is an extremely intelligent young man who has a track record of activism in northern Manhattan. He has been a leading voice in the effort to fight Columbia University's massive expansion plans. Like Ms. Johnson, Mr. Rangel and Mr. Espaillat, though unlike Mr. Williams, he has roots in the district and is known by local residents. These roots show their face in his platform. 

Adriano Espaillat

Again, The Uptown Current endorses Adriano Espaillat because he is an issue-oriented candidate that creates bridges within the community fostering unity among our diverse district. Mr. Espaillat is clearly the most invested and well informed about the neighborhoods contained in the new 13th Congressional District. Certainly more so than our current U.S. representative, who has expressed displeasure with sections of the Bronx being added to his district. 

We believe that this will be a very close election, and that Mr. Espaillat is likely to be the most effective congressperson. 

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