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Lack of Donations May Hurt Highbridge Pool Upgrade

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The 2011 Design Workshop, a collective of nine Parsons School of Design graduate students, is prepared to build a major enhancement to the pool and recreation center in Highbridge Park. The project would free space in the recreational center building for many activities. Currently the building is used as a locker room and changing area during the summer. 

Using the popular fundraising website the group is targeting $15,000 in donations by June 1st, which would represent a significant portion of the project's funding. Reaching the goal would help make the expansion of the pool facilities a reality, but as of May 26th only $12,000 had been pledged, with less than a week left until their fundraising deadline arrives. 

On June 1st, six days from now, the project might face funding challenges if the pool rehab water mark of $15,000 isn't met. The exact outcome of the fundraising goal falling short has not been made clear by the group on their page. However if the goal is not met, none of the credit cards used to donate money will be charged, effectively leaving the group $15,000 short. 

The pool has been a hub of activity for generations, and the enhancements proposed by the Design Workshop are being presented as a simple, cheap and carefully planned solution to the problems inherent in operating a pool of this size and popularity.

The group's page can be found here, and below is a video they produced explaining the proposed enhancements: