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Mr. Quadriad in "Identity Crisis"

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Henry Wollman as "Mr. Magoo" in: IDENTITY CRISIS

Mr. Wollman doesn't know what neighborhood he and Quadriad Realty Partners are hoping to build their towers in.... So let the music play....

"Bustling Gardens" Launches Website

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After more than fifteen years in existence, Hudson Heights, and The Hudson Heights Owners Coalition, will now be sharing their territory with another owners coalition in the sub-section of Washington Heights.

The Uptown Current was sent a press release yesterday by Jusky Ding, who is the Co-op Board President of 753 West 178th Street, and the co-founder of newly formed, 5-building strong, Bustling Gardens Owners Coalition. Ding is "thrilled to announce the formation of the coalition," and says it took "nearly a year of planning." 

The new website can be viewed here

Ding, also of the "Friends of the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal" group, is a regular and outspoken member of the community at the monthly CB12 Traffic & Transportation Committee meetings, and said in a phone call that the coalition would attract "prospective home owners who understand that they are separate from the rest of Hudson Heights."

"These blocks are unique," insists Ding, "and we are hoping people will see that." Fifty years ago, before the Trans-Manhattan Expressway was built, "this area looked just like the rest of Hudson Heights, but now we have a bus station and no one can argue that the station and I-95 don't set us apart." 

In the conversation with Ding, concerns that the owners coalition could be trying to separate itself from Hudson Heights, were raised. 

The Uptown Current called a representative of the Hudson Heights Owners Coalition, who wished to remain anonymous, "[this] is just their way of trying to disassociate themselves from Hudson Heights. It's like what we did with Washington Heights." 

Elaborating, the source said, "It was the 90s! Back then we had real reasons to not want to be associated with our associations."

And the trend may be continuing. 16 Pinehurst Avenue is apparently starting a movement to rename the 4th-6th floors in their apartment building as 'The Bustling-Hudson-Washington Shareholders Association.'" Apparently the group is aiming to market apartments with better light than others within their cooperative as being of higher value, compared to apartments on lower floors. 

None of the shareholders could be reached for comment, though apparently owners on the third floor are arguing with shareholders on the upper floors about being considered for inclusion in the coalition. 

With a push mentioned on their website to have StreetEasy.com recognize the area as "Busting Gardens," Hudson Heights' sub-map of Washington Heights could soon see a sub-map of its own.