The Long War

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This summer I produced a series of videos for the Mark Levine for State Senate campaign. I first met Mark exactly one week after I launched The Uptown Current at a local meeting held by the MTA, and was immediately impressed by his accomplishments and track record for improving the lives of those living in northern Manhattan. During the next year and a half I continued to follow Mark's work, and when the campaign contacted me asking for my vote, I went a step further and offered to create some videos for them.

This is the final video I produced for the Mark Levine campaign. Mark was running for the 31st district New York state senate seat being vacated by Eric Schneiderman. It includes footage from primary night, interviews with volunteers, and sadly Mark's concession speech. 

I am proud of Mark for his huge accomplishment in shaking up local politics by running a diverse campaign that unified much of northern Manhattan. Dave Crenshaw, a full-time volunteer for the campaign, expresses his enthusiasm about Mark in the video, "It's not because he's a nice guy, it's because he's an effective guy and he gets things done for all parts of the community.... Mark Levine my neighbor, the teacher, I love him."

Expect a couple more post-primary-election posts in the coming weeks. Including a roundup of various campaign ads that ran on TV during the local primary campaigns.

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