Just Like High School

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In the eleventh grade, when my class was studying political science, our teacher had us create campaign videos for a phony presidential election we were doing. While my campaign (our candidate was Pat Buchanan, played by a 17-year old from Harlem) lost the election, we by far had the best videos.

This summer it was eleventh grade all over again.

I signed on to the Mark Levine campaign to produce and direct their videos on a volunteer basis. Once again the campaign with the best videos (and the best candidate) ultimately came second in the race for the state senate's 31st district seat Eric Shneiderman is vacating. 

Bragging aside, with the election over exactly four weeks ago today, I finally found time to upload all of the ads for various seats that played on the very Washington-Heights-oriented Queens Public Television's (QPTV) Dominican TV shows produced at DBS Media on 181st street. 

These are the ads from the 72nd district state assembly race, 31st district state senate race, and the 15th district congressional race. 

All of the ads are in Spanish. Watch them after the jump.

72nd District Assembly Race TV Ads

The ads by the candidates running for the 72nd assembly district seat that Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat is leaving in January were by far the most brutal and eye opening. It was also these ads that most felt like ones we did in high school. Both for their production values, and in a couple cases their bluntness.

The candidates in this race were Nelson Denis, Miguel Estrella, Julissa Gomez, Guillermo Linares (who won the primary), and Gabriella Rosa. All of the candidates ran ads on QPTV programs.

Nelson Denis

Denis implements his own catchy merengue tune. 

Miguel Estrella

This ad highlights Miguel Estrella's opposition to gay marriage. 

Julissa Gomez

Guillermo Linares (Primary Winner)

The ad touches on the various community issues Linares is running on. 

"Linares es Malo"

This ad states it was paid for by "Citizens for a better Washington Heights."

Gabriella Rosa

Gabriella Rosa's campaign produced two similar ads, each featuring people from the community speaking on her behalf. 

31st District State Senate Race TV Ads

Only two of the four candidates aired TV ads in this race, but both stirred up some talk. 

Adriano Espaillat (Primary Winner)

The victor in the race, Adriano Espaillat, ran two ads during the campaign. 

One of the ads states that it was paid for by the Dominican Liberation Party New York. Espaillat's campaign denied that they knew about the ad or who paid for it.

Mark Levine

Twice English versions of these ads were posted on the Daily News "Daily Politics" blog.

15th Congressional District TV Ads

Two of the six candidates aired local TV ads in this race. 

Charles Rangel (Primary Winner)

Ruben D. Vargas

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