"Vote For Me (Because I'm Latino)"

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YouTube user ArtForStrangers put together this video in response to ads by Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat (and his press conference with David Dinkins last week) and other local candidates vying for various seats in Albany. The YouTube description for the video reads:

Since our local politicians, like Espaillat, his co-hort Dinkins, and custom Merengue song-wielding Gabriela Rosa (and wanna-be politicians, etc) have been not-so-subtly implying that we should vote for them because of their latino racial makeup, I figured I'd join the race and get right to the point.

Vote for me cuz I'm more latino that all them mofos!

Many of the ads ArtForStrangers is parodying have been running on Dominican TV shows based in Northern Manhattan including Contacto and Hechos y Gente, which are broadcast on Queens Public Television and produced at DBS on 181st street. 


Via YouTube & thanks to Nicole for sending this in.

UPDATE 9/16/10:

Here is another one from ArtForStrangers:


In the next few days we will have a post that features several of the ads that were run during the primary election campaign season.

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