Uptown Arts Stroll 2009 Comes To A Close

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uptown_art_stroll.jpgNoMAA's Uptown Arts Stroll concludes this evening. From the little that I've seen it was quite successful. The only event I attended was a concert/show/party on June 20th thrown by Juan Mapu (friend of TUC), titled "Social Whist Party: The Visit," which was truly awesome.

Mapu brought together some amazing artists, including a band by the name of "R-Tronika," who after finishing their set was encouraged... almost forced... into encores. Definitely check out their site and/or MySpace page.

Also something that was a lot of fun, though unexpected, was a performance by the "Surf 'n Turf" improv group. They asked the audience to give them a word to set them off into their first sketch (and perhaps to prove that it was indeed all improvised). After a few rounds of shouting from people in the room they narrowed it down to one word, which began a series of improvised train-of-thought sketches, which brought collective laughter from Mapu's attendees. Definitely check these guys out as well.

If the dozens of other events connected to this year's Arts Stroll were 1/2 as good as the one Mapu put together then I'm sure it was a major success. Anyone attend this or any of the other events?

Photo of Juan Mapu speaking to event attendees, courtesy of Sol Aramendi

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