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Stolen Calls On 181st

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According to accounts at least two women in Washington Heights have been robbed of their cell phones in the past week and a half on 181st. TUC is informed that two women, in two separate incidents, had their cell phones snatched from their hands while using the devices. In both cases the assailants were "kids" and ran up to the victims, snatched the phones, then continued to run away with the device in hand.

These are word of mouth reports that have not been confirmed.

Uptown Arts Stroll 2009 Comes To A Close

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uptown_art_stroll.jpgNoMAA's Uptown Arts Stroll concludes this evening. From the little that I've seen it was quite successful. The only event I attended was a concert/show/party on June 20th thrown by Juan Mapu (friend of TUC), titled "Social Whist Party: The Visit," which was truly awesome.

Mapu brought together some amazing artists, including a band by the name of "R-Tronika," who after finishing their set was encouraged... almost forced... into encores. Definitely check out their site and/or MySpace page.

Also something that was a lot of fun, though unexpected, was a performance by the "Surf 'n Turf" improv group. They asked the audience to give them a word to set them off into their first sketch (and perhaps to prove that it was indeed all improvised). After a few rounds of shouting from people in the room they narrowed it down to one word, which began a series of improvised train-of-thought sketches, which brought collective laughter from Mapu's attendees. Definitely check these guys out as well.

If the dozens of other events connected to this year's Arts Stroll were 1/2 as good as the one Mapu put together then I'm sure it was a major success. Anyone attend this or any of the other events?

Photo of Juan Mapu speaking to event attendees, courtesy of Sol Aramendi

McDonald's and Enron Meet For Seafood On Amsterdam

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This is the type of thing that may have already made the rounds in the northern Manhattan blogosphere, so apologies if it's "old" .... Still, one must pause at the sight of Metro's Seafood & Grill (located on 166th and Amsterdam). The logo looks to be composed of blue McDonald's arches and the Enron "E" logo:


Odd logo aside, whatever they're doing may be working... they've got a few good reviews on Menu Pages.

Perry Payne Gets Away...

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poster jpeg.jpg
...from it all. Friend to TUC and local singer Perry Payne is heading back to the stage next week to perform "Getting Away From It All."

With Michael Rice and his Travelling Three
Directed by Evan Pappas
July 1, 2, and 10 at 7:30
July 11th at 9:45
Music of Adair, Wallowich, Rodgers and Hammerstein, A.C. Jobim, Southerners including Trisha Yearwood, Michael Rice and Mike Craver, Steve Randoy, Ethel Waters, Mancini, Sting and Pink...Make your reservations and come on down! Time's a-wastin'... 

The show is at the Metropolitan Room on 22nd street. For tickets call (212) 206-0440 or visit metropolitanroom.com.

The Current Still Flows

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As some may know I'm in the middle of a lot of (all good) things right now, but haven't had the time I'd like to post and develop the site further. That said TUC is very much alive, and in the weeks and months to come there should be more activity. Keep checking back, and make sure to subscribe to the TUC RSS feed (for when posts will be coming in more regularly).

There's one bit of good news, that will follow this post, concerning a fellow contributer to the site.