Passover Coke Now In Bodegas

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redcapyellowcap.jpgIt's that time of year.

If you're a soda drinker (celebrating Passover, or not) look for Coca-Cola bottles with yellow caps. The yellow cap means it's the real thing... it has actual sugar in it as opposed to fructose. These usually go fast, so stock up while you can. Doing a blind taste test between a red-capped Coke bottle and a yellow-capped one will be an eye opener for anyone who hasn't done so in the past.

If you miss out, fear not, Coca-Cola bottles imported from Mexico can be found in various stores and restaurants throughout the year, and like Passover Coke are filled with sucrose.

And if you are celebrating Passover next week, happy holidays.

(Image via BenFrantzDale on Flickr)

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