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Reward For "Arborcide" Offered

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tree-killer.jpgNorthern Manhattan Parks administrator Jennifer Hoppa sent out a notice via e-mail this afternoon, offering a reward of up to $2000 for information leading to the arrest of the person (or people) responsible for maliciously destroying trees in Inwood Hill Park. The crime is being described as "arborcide."

Inwoodite has been on top of this one, along with the The Streets Where We Live. Check out their sites for more info.

Web Find: The Origin Of Stan Lee

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GeorgeWashington_Bridge_Amazing_Spider-Man_121.jpgThat's right Marvel fans. Marvel founder and comic book legend Stan Lee spent some of his childhood in Washington Heights. Maybe that explains why the George Washington Bridge always shows up in Spider-Man comics. It seems that Lee was sprouting up just as the neighborhood was.

I've known this for a while because his name is listed as a notable resident on the Washington Heights wikipedia page, but I never knew any details about it or when he actually lived here... until today, when I stumbled across this New York Times slideshow.

"This building was located near Fort Washington Park, which was a great place to play. On Saturdays I could walk from it to the Loews theater on 175th Street and Broadway. They had a matinee there, with a man named Lou (I forget his last name), who played a huge organ before the movie started. That was a big treat for us kids."

Watch The Shuttle Launch (Weather Permitting)

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090309-shuttle-spot-map-02.jpgTonight's launch of the space shuttle Discovery (which has been delayed numerous times) will be viewable from New York City. The launch is at 9:20pm EST and lasts about 8 minutes.

I've seen launches in the past from New York and what you'll be looking for is a dot moving across the sky, and then blinking out as the main engine cuts off.

You'll be able to recognize it as the shuttle because it will be moving across the eastern skyline very quickly, and will not be following the path that most airplanes seem to be following. You'll want to be looking south-east, the shuttle will be moving north from there. A suggestion is to get outside early so you can recognize which patterns the airplane's have, that way when the shuttle comes across the sky you'll be able to easily single it out.

Check out this article for more details about viewing the shuttle.


Update: The launch was cancelled, but there are still two more chances to see it from New York. Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8:54pm and Friday night at 8:32pm. Any other launch attempts after that will be during the day, apparently.

Update: It's now scheduled for Sunday evening. Follow the progress here if you're interested.

Common Coming To The Palace The 14th

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common.jpgCommon is going to be performing at The United Palace Theatre on 175th street March 14th. Tickets are available through TicketMaster.