Flight 1549 Flew Directly Over Inwood And Washington Heights

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The George Washington Bridge was as close a witness as any to yesterday's miracle on the Hudson. Early reports suggested that US Airways Flight 1549's Hudson River decent began just north of the bridge and cleared it by roughly 900 feet. The bridge itself is about 600 feet tall, meaning the plane would have passed over the bridge at an altitude just higher than the total height of the Empire State Building. 

It appears that reports of it passing directly over the bridge, however, are wrong. CNN's flight path video shows the plane cutting across Inwood and Washington Heights.

The only local eyewitness report I've read comes from a commenter on the New York Times City Room Blog:

"I work in Washington Heights and I saw the plane go by. I knew something was wrong because it sounded like it was going down not up. I'm pretty sure I saw flames coming out of the port engine."

In another account an Inwood resident, presumably referring to the geese in Inwood Hill Park, said:

"I may not feed the geese here in Inwood anymore. Then again, if we feed them enough, they can't get into the air. It is hard to settle on the right strategy."

And for good measure I took a screen shot from Google Earth of the flight path over Inwood/Washington Heights:

It'd be great to see some pictures of the miracle jet passing over northern Manhattan. Or at least get some more eyewitness accounts from people uptown. I talked to one person who claims to have heard a plane slowing down, but I want proof! Show me pics!

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