The Beginning Of The End (Of A-Train Disruptions)

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shuttle_bus.jpgA-train service north of 168th street will be disrupted for nearly every weekend during the next three months. At the moment there are ten more weekends with disrupted service planned through March, ending the nearly two years of weekend repairs for the A line north of 168th street. This weekend saw the beginning of the end of the interruptions, which tend to be accompanied with free shuttle bus service on Broadway and Fort Washington Avenue north of 168th street.

At assemblyman Herman D. Farrell's town hall meeting in November MTA President Howard Roberts was very forthcoming about plans for all MTA services in northern Manhattan which you can read more about in this issue of the Manhattan Times (page 3).

Democratic District Leader Mark Levine was at the November meeting and raised concern about the lack of a shuttle bus stop at 187th street and Fort Washington Avenue. Riders who wish to ride the shuttle bus from this location are forced to walk to 185th street and Fort Washington Avenue, and people who don't realize they can't get off there are often surprised when the bus takes them all the way up to Margaret Corbin Circle, the next stop on the shuttle bus. This issue has not been addressed as of this past weekend, the first of the final eleven planned for 2009.

The MTA has been very forthcoming about their schedule of repairs, and northern Manhattan riders of the A-train can expect things to return to "normal" by the end of March.

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