Renovation of Fort Washington Park & Inwood Hill Park: PLANYC's January Update

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fort_washington_inwood_hill_park_renovation.jpgThe New York City Parks Department held a presentation about the planned renovation of Fort Washington Park and a portion of Inwood Hill Park at tonight's Community Board 12 Parks and Cultural Affairs committee meeting. Fort Washington Park is the park along the Hudson River that extends into Riverside Park to the south, and Inwood Hill Park to the north. It is also home to The Little Red Lighthouse.

Phase One of the reconstruction would begin towards the end of this year, as early as October, and has a price tag of about $35 million. The entire renovation project will cost about $160 million.

Plans for Phase One include new and improved playing fields and courts, improved pathways, scenic lookouts, a 1700 foot long bark chip trail, a "rustic" trail and expanded greenway paths.

In addition there are plans to make the Daughters of the American Revolution monument (erected in 1910) recognizing the Battle of Fort Washington more accessible. This could include unearthing the remains of a redoubt used during the battle of Fort Washington in 1776, which still exists, according to a 1936 survey. This site would be the only one from the battle currently above ground, and access to the redoubt would reinforce the park's name further communicating its historical importance.

The Master Plan for the park, among many other things, also includes a skateboard/bmx course added near the George Washington Bridge. This would be a popular move among local skateboard and bmx enthusiasts, who currently use the one-block service road under the bus terminal along Fort Washington Avenue as a recreational area.

Details of an earlier version of the plan can be viewed here.

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