What's Going On With The Crossing Signals?

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A mysterious malfunction has been randomly affecting crossing signals across northern Manhattan for at least a month, and the problem seems to be occurring with increasing frequency. It happens while the white walking signal is lit, with both lights turning on for that portion of the crossing cycle.

Luckily most pedestrians in New York ignore crossing signals altogether. So there's no real danger from the mixed signals, unless, of course, you're color blind or have just arrived in New York from Cameroon.

The City Room Blog posted about this last month, but offered no real solution or explanation for the problem. Clearly this issue is much larger than individual malfunctions. Instead it seems to be a system-wide problem that randomly shows up every week or so, affecting hundreds of pedestrian-crossing signals. As suggested by the Times, you may want to consider calling 311 and reporting any suspicious signaling.

So, is this happening in your area of northern Manhattan? And is there anyone with an answer as to why this is happening?

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