Google Earth Breathes Life Into (Some Of) Manhattan

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gwb_google_earth.jpgSelecting the "3D Buildings" layer in Google Earth while exploring Manhattan will now activate a 3D representation of thousands of city buildings. Previously only buildings south of 59th street were accounted for, and even then they were just grey polygon representations of their real life counterparts.

Now almost the entire island is recreated in the free application from Google.

Continuing the long standing tradition of leaving out northern Manhattan in 3D representations of the island (usually found in video games), no Washington Heights or Inwood buildings are included in the update. But the George Washington Bridge is included, as well as various sections of Harlem. One can only assume that in time all of Washington Heights and Inwood will eventually be accounted for by Google Earth. Until then venture downward, you'll surely get a taste of what's to come.

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