Backwater: Surge Implemented In Greening Of New York City

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Mayor Bloomberg's plans to make New York City greener by increasing the number of trees in the city will have a surge implemented this month. The mayor's office has indicated that many thousands of trees are being added to the city's current population, promptly raising awareness about the environment and an increase in good will to all men.

The trees used for the surge are all evergreens averaging between four and seven feet in height, with a few exceptions like one observed in Rockefeller Center. The evergreens have been arriving by the truck load, and set up on sidewalks throughout the city as mini-forests.

Some environmentalists have raised concerns about conduct of the surge. Inwood resident and veteran park ranger, Stan Grinch, explained his opposition to the execution of the surge. "It isn't going to work, it's a publicity stunt taking attention away from the growing crisis with the environment." said Mr. Grinch.

The Society for a Deciduous Future supports the surge because of its clear timeline and negative life cycle for the evergreens involved. Group president Holly Matthews explains: "When we heard about Bloomberg's plan to implement a surge of evergreens in the city we decided to back it 100% after we realized the trees are all dead on arrival." The Society for a Deciduous Future hopes to see surges like this one in the future. "It'd be great if the city could turn this into an annual event."

The surge is expected to wrap up by late December, and the evergreens will be completely expired in time for an early January withdrawal.

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