MTA Sets Up Shop On Fort Washington Avenue

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mta_sets_up_shop.jpgThe MTA will be using the entire west side of Fort Washington Avenue between 177th street and 178th street as a staging area for a variety of construction vehicles and what looks to be a mobile office in connection with repairs this weekend on the 'A' line. As previously mentioned, there will be no A-train service above 168th street this weekend.

The vehicles (as of 11:30pm Friday) were blocking crosswalks and lined the entire block, which is allocated for cars with handicap parking privileges. A worker at the site told me that the trucks and vehicles would depart by Monday morning, when A-train service is set to resume.

UPDATE 21:14: It's alive! "Camp MTA" has grown and received reinforcements. Pictures, video and details after the jump.

So it turns out, after speaking with on-site Superintendent Veltre, that this set of work is to be done and over by "tomorrow morning." Just as I was strolling down the block taking some pictures and video of the additional chaos, a man came out of the building, 385 Fort Washington Avenue, where the MTA is staged on both the street and sidewalk, to complain to the foreman. Veltre explained to the man, who preferred not to be named, that the work the MTA is doing tonight falls under "infrastructure" work and was unrelated to the ongoing "contract" work that has been causing our intermittent lack of A-train service.

The "camp" includes sidewalk porta-potties, hoses connected to a fire hydrant that is spewing unused water down 178th street (the hoses were dangling across the entire sidewalk width at about five feet with passers by having to duck under them to continue walking down the street,) lights that flood 385 Fort Washington Avenue's lower-floor windows, dozens of workers mingling on the sidewalk, cement trucks, traffic disruptions, work vehicles that take up the entire south-bound lane of Fort Washington Avenue... you get the picture (and if you don't, see the pictures, and video.)

The resident from 385 was concerned about noise that had been ongoing since Friday night, which included "...yelling, singing, screaming and throwing things." He was also now concerned about lights that had been set up and penetrating his window facing Fort Washington Avenue. Veltre not only assured the man that this would be the last night of interruptions, but he and a colleague immediately began speaking with dozens of workers present to remind them not to make avoidable noise out of respect for local residents. That's appreciated, I'm sure... but the cement trucks and work vehicles? How exactly do you chat with them about keeping the noise down?


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