Geocaching In Washington Heights And Inwood

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Geocaching, for those who haven't heard of it, is a location-based "sport" that people can play using their GPS-enabled devices. Many phones these days have GPS chips inside them, which allow the device's owner to pinpoint their exact location. For example the iPhone 3G and some BlackBerry models are GPS-enabled.

To play the game, which is basically like a real-world scavenger hunt, you enter the coordinates of the "cache" and track them on your device. Once you find the cache (which could be small enough to just fit a pencil and paper, or large enough to fit other objects) you can log your find both in the actual cache container and online at Registration for the site is free.

I discovered geocaching this summer when I bought my iPhone 3G. Groundspeak, the company that runs has now released a geocaching application for the iPhone. They also offer solutions for other mobile devices.
Once you've downloaded the application to your phone you can begin your hunt. There are many caches in Washington Heights and Inwood, so picking one to find shouldn't be too hard. Start with an easy one, each cache is rated by difficulty. The iPhone application�immediately�shows you nearby caches and provides a compass to help you out.�

The best part about Geocaching is that there are caches all over the world. This is a great activity for families on vacation, and there are caches hidden all over the tri-state area so you could make a day-trip out of the activity.�

If you'd like to see a list of local caches or learn more visit�

I will note: Safety first folks, if the cache seems like it's in a place you don't feel comfortable trekking to, then don't go for it.

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