Charles Rangel No Longer Accepting Inauguration Ticket Requests

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Congressman Charles Rangel's page is now immediately informing visitors that "due to the high number of requests already received, we are no longer accepting requests for constituent tickets to the upcoming 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama."

This doesn't really surprise me, though I admit I went to the site hoping to score some tickets. The buzz surrounding the inauguration has been insane this week, with eBay finally deciding to block sales of tickets "in the best interest of all concerned." Tickets for the historical event were being scalped on the site for thousands of dollars. Congrats to anyone who is able to attend the event.

UPDATE 11/18/08: A representative from congressman Rangel's office spoke at tonight's Community Board 12 meeting and said that the congressman had received only 200 tickets, with currently about 7,000 requests received from the 15th congressional district. The rep did seem enthusiastic about allocating several tickets to CB12 members, saying that "we need some of the members of the board here to go down," and suggested that a lottery or some other yet to be determined system would be used to get tickets to a portion of the many members of congressional district 15 that made requests.

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