Bob Dylan Tickets Still Available For This Friday @ The Palace

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If you've been eyeing the Bob Dylan concert at The Palace Theatre, but haven't decided if you are going to go, there is still some (brief) time to make your decision. Tickets for the concert are available on TicketMaster, however you will need to enter the "Special Offer Code" to access them. I found the code on Bob Dylan's website here. The code is: chortled

The show is this Friday, November 21st, at 8:00pm.

Make sure to check that "code" link again if the code doesn't work on TicketMaster, in case it changes. All available tickets seem to be $129 plus a $13 convenience charge. It may be worth a trip over to The Palace tomorrow to see if you can secure them a bit cheaper. The Palace Theatre is located on the north-east corner of 175th street and Broadway.

Good luck Dylan fans, and enjoy the concert.

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